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If i punch you in the face, will pork chops fall out of your ass?

I want to say to some people “Shit is supposed to come from your ass not your mouth. Although looking at you there’s no difference”

It’s funny when the dumbest, most selfish, childish person you know, tells people to “Grow up” they must know that’s the ultimate insult coming from them!

My dog likes you more than me. So i think we should break up.

cried today…i heard on the news the government wants to kill all mentally ill people, i thought of you…run my little retard run!

Dear Girls,if you are annoyed by too many friend request from boys.Just set your original pic as profile pic.if it doesn’t work wash your face, take a pic and try again.

I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you, you’re just not laughing.

My eyez detected My heart reacted Thousnd were rejected and Only u were selected. Bcoz I needed a monkey 4 an advertisement

The First Human Who Hurled An Insult Instead Of A Stone Was The Founder Of Civilization.

Girls like shoes more than CLOTHES, Because No Matter How Much They Weigh, it still fits.

Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person, just a beautiful monkey :)

Don’t feel special, I only keep your number in my phone so I know not to answer when you call.

Actually no, my status wasn’t aimed at you, but hey, if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.

Oh you are dating my ex? Cool, Im eating a sandwich …. want those leftovers too?

Are you always this stupid, or are you making a special effort today?

I don’t insult people. I just describe them.

If you liked my profile, Raise up ur hands. If not, raise your standard

If you’re going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.

Hi! I’m a human being! What are you?

Do you still love nature, despite what it did to you?