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I wish i never wake up from my dream because im dreaming of you babe. Goodnight

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Don`t you just love it when you flip your pillow over and its cool on the other side..

The night is here the day is through, time to go to bed and start a new.

Welcome to the BED FM Radio Station. This is DJ Bed sheet hanging out with DJ Pillow. We’re playing Sweet Dreams by $$a.m. from his album titled “Good Night”.

I am ready to go to bed but the sheep are missing. Oh well, guess I’ll have to throw some chickens over the fence instead. Good night.

Its time to say good night real world, hello dream world…

The day is done, The moon has replaced the sun, I guess that’s my clue, to say GOOD NIGHT to you.

The only person worth losing sleep over is the one you cant sleep without. Good night Sweetheart I love you more everyday.

All good things must come to an end, this day included. Good Night all!

Well I’m heading off. Good night all where it is night, and morning to all those where it’s morning.

May your guardian angel watch over you as you slumber, pleasant dreams.

Good evening Facebook family and friends.I wish you pleasant dreams and restful sleep.See you tomorrow.

Good Night MASOYP (may angels sleep on your pillow)